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Premier Shot manufactures high quality cut wire shot media made of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Zinc or other metal alloys.

Premier Shot Company is the leader in conditioned and triple conditioned cut wire shot meeting the high quality standards from automotive, medical, foundry and aerospace industries. We also offer special conditioned cut wire for industries with the most demanding specifications, including SAE J441 cut wire shot for the aerospace industry.

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Premier Shot serves customers throughout the world, providing media specifically manufactured for critical shot peening applications. Our advantages are many: highest durability, highest consistency, highest resistance to fracture, lower dust generation, lower surface contamination, and improved part life all resulting in substantial cost savings to you. Our shot has longer life than cast steel shot, therefore, less media goes into landfills reducing disposal costs.

In addition to manufacturing high quality cut wire shot, we also offer these services: complete shot evaluation, shot life testing, training and consulting services. We also perform research and development on shot peening media, process evaluation technique, and effects of media characteristics.


Premier shot has been our provider of media for years, because it is simply of the highest quality – which means it lasts the longest!”
—Aerospace Engineer s

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