Our Industries

Industries: Foundry


Our cut wire shot is ideal for demanding foundry environments as it simply lasts longer. Producing a cut wire shot that is the most consistent in size outlasts cast shot and produces a cleaner part with less contamination – all with a shorter cycle times. As an additional product benefit, forgings or castings that are shot blasted with cut wire are also stress relieved.

Industries: Aerospace


Premier Shot’s conditioned cut wire shot is tripled conditioned to AMS 2431/ 3, 4, and 8 specification – required by GE, P&W, BA, Bombardier, and many OEM of aerospace manufacturers. Premier’s triple conditioned shot is more spherical than industrial standards to prevent surface damage that could cause structural failure of precision components.

Industries: Automotive


Premier Shot’s Normal Conditioned Cut wire shot is ideal for shot peening gears, bolts, weldments or any steel product and offers substantial production benefits especially for the automotive industry:

  • Longer Life
  • High Quality Raw Materials – unlike others, we never use scrap steel!
  • Closely Controlled Hot & Cold Working Processing – produces an extremely sound wrought structure
  • Consistent Size – especially when compared to cast shot
  • Consistent Chemistry

Premier will recommend the correct size and hardness of media to meet your specific requirement for small to large radiuses.

Industries: Medical


Premier Shot’s stainless steel media is conditioned to produce an exceptionally smooth and round media. This media is preferred for medical peening processes, as precision medical components require both a high quality surface and component structure.

Welcome to Premier Shot Company

Premier Shot serves customers throughout the world, providing media specifically manufactured for critical shot peening applications. Our advantages are many: highest durability, highest consistency, highest resistance to fracture, lower dust generation, lower surface contamination, and improved part life all resulting in substantial cost savings to you. Our shot has longer life than cast steel shot, therefore, less media goes into landfills reducing disposal costs.

In addition to manufacturing high quality cut wire shot, we also offer these services: complete shot evaluation, shot life testing, training and consulting services. We also perform research and development on shot peening media, process evaluation technique, and effects of media characteristics.