Premier Life Tests and Comparisons

Highest Durability

The Premier Shot Company staff uses an abrasive test machine and RotoTap to conduct life tests. Life testing indicates how well a media resists breakdown or deterioration. The test results permit comparison of cost advantages of one media over another. Useful Life (normally measured in number of cycles) is the characteristic commonly evaluated during life testing. Breakdown Rate can also be evaluated. In most cases, shot breakdown rate approaches a constant value as the number of cycles increases. This constant value is normally reached by the time 100% breakdown is achieved.

The Premier Life Test collects the necessary data and plots Useful Life and Breakdown Rate curves on one graph so that both curves can be analyzed at the same time (see above chart).

The table below compares Premier Shot with similar sizes of cast steel shot at equivalent hardness ranges. The Useful Life of Premier Shot ranges from 4.6 to 9.2 times longer than similar cast media.

Substantial Cost Savings

Cost savings due to less shot breakdown
Example: A customer wants to calculate the possible savings in shot breakdown that can be achieved by using Premier PCW 32H compared to Cast Steel CS 330H Shot.

Cost savings due to fewer shot changes and less shot reclamation
Example: A customer wants to calculate the potential savings in shot changes and reclamation costs gained by using Premier PCW 32H shot compared to Cast Steel CS 330H shot. According to their specification, the shot must be changed when 20% has broken down.

Quality that Lasts

Premier Shot exhibits more resistance to breakdown or wear than cast material. Figure 1 shows cast steel CS 330H shot and Figure 2 shows PCW 32H shot – both after the same number of cycles. CS 330H has severely broken down while PCW 32H has not broken down at all. In fact, after 1,000 cycles, PCW 32H is more consistent in size, shape and roundness than in the unused condition. PCW has actually improved with life.