Cut Wire Shot is the Premier Media

Cut Wire Shot is manufactured from high quality wire which is cut to a length about equal to its diameter. The wire used to produce Cut Wire Shot can be made of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Nickel Alloy, Copper or other metal alloys. The following are examples of the different types of cut wire shot.

Figure 1. As-Cut Wire Shot still has the sharp corners from the cutting operation. As-cut wire shot is an effective cleaning abrasive but it isn’t suitable for shot peening applications since the sharp edges are potentially damaging to fatigue life.

Figure 2. Conditioned Cut Wire Shot has had its sharp edges removed in a process called “conditioning.” Conditioned cut wire shot is used in many automotive and military shot peening applications.

As-Cut Wire Shot
Figure 1
Conditioned Cut Wire Shot
Figure 2

Figure 3. Triple Conditioned Cut Wire Shot has been triple conditioned to meet aerospace specifications. The additional conditioning produces a shot that is more spherical in shape.

Figure 4. Special Cut Wire has been cut and conditioned to produce an exceptionally smooth and round media. This media is used in the most demanding shot peening processes, including medical and aerospace.

Triple Conditioned Cut Wire Shot
Figure 3
Special Cut Wire
Figure 4

The Advantages of Premier Cut Wire Shot

Highest Durability
Due to its wrought internal structure with virtually no internal defects (cracks, porosity and shrinkage), the durability of Premier Cut Wire Shot is significantly greater than other commonly used metallic media.

Highest Consistency
Premier Cut Wire Shot media has the highest consistency from particle to particle in size, shape, hardness and density.

Highest Resistance to Fracture
Premier Cut Wire Shot media tends to wear down and become smaller in size rather than fracturing into sharp-edged broken particles, which may cause surface damage to the part.

Lower Dust Generation
Premier Cut Wire Shot is more durable and resistant to fracture, resulting in a lower dust generation rate.

Lower Surface Contamination
Premier Cut Wire Shot does not have an Iron Oxide coating or leave Iron Oxide residue—parts are cleaner and brighter.

Improved Part Life
Parts exhibit higher and more consistent life than those peened with equivalent size and hardness cast steel shot.

Substantial Cost Savings
The longer useful life of Premier Cut Wire Shot results in savings of media consumption, dust removal and equipment maintenance. Rounded edges cause less damage to all impacted areas of the blast machine.

Highest Manufacturing Standards
Premier Shot Company has been manufacturing Premier Cut Wire Shot products since 1988. Our media is the preferred media throughout the world by aerospace, automotive, military, medical and other demanding applications.

Flexibility – Ideal for Blast Cleaning Operations, Too
Manufacturers of aluminum components appreciate the huge cost savings and lower surface contamination of stainless steel cut wire. If you have a blast cleaning application, let us prove to you the cost savings and efficiency of cut wire media.

The Premier Product Line

Cut Wire DesignationWire Diameter inch/mmEquivalent Cast Shot
120.012 / 0.30S-70
140.014 / 0.35S-110
170.017 / 0.45S-130
200.020 / 0.50S-170
230.023 / 0.60S-190
280.028 / 0.70S-230
320.032 / 0.80S-280
350.035 / 0.90S-330
410.041 / 1.00S-330
540.054 / 1.40S-460
620.062 / 1.60S-550
1250.125 / 3.20S-1110


Per customer’s request, we can supply our media in drums, bags, and pails.